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Flying cockroach

I almost forgot to write for today. Well there’s nothing much to tell about today except the flying cockroach that i shouldve killed if we had a spray. So this cockroach showed up while i was reviewing. I stared at it while it was walking on the wall right next to me until it stopped. Its antenas were so huge and i can see them moving as if the cockroach is controlling them to detect things around it and i believed it’s sensing me and i think it’s assessing me whether i am harmful to it or not. When i got up it still didnt move until i went downstairs to ask mom if we have a spray. She told me the spray ran out of its content. This i realized that almost everytime i encounter a cockroach i am always unequipped with the right weapon and it irritated me.When i came back i saw that it was gone from where it was before. But i as i scanned quickly the room i saw it walking on the other side of the wall. I didnt think twice before trying to kill it with my slipper. I said trying bec i missed. Again another irritation. I almost forgot also to tell that i finally didnt have another bowel movement for today which means my decision to quit fish oil is just right.