Weird spider

okay so it’s already 12:30am of 8/15 and here i am writing about 8/14. I saw a different kind of spider in the past morning. Its tentacles are a little thinner and more darker than the spider we usualy see in our house. And it also seems more agressive and faster in making its web bec we just saw its web conected to our electric fan. A normal spider wont conect its web to moving thing. A normal spider usualy makes its web in the corners where no one and nothing moving excep it. So its weird. I wonder why such spider shows up. Well its not like its my first time to see such weird things in our house. Ever since we renovated the house, it has been left open to all kinds of flying insects or even birds. We had no ceiling after the renovation or rather incomplete renovation. Not only we had not a ceiling, one side of the wall from which the old roof was removed has been left just like that so the distance between the top edge of the wall and new roof is open to outdoors. Thats how the flying insects and birds started to drop by inside our house. We even had a bat as our guest for a night! We just saw it hanging from long steels in the roof one night and it stayed until the next day.


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