Fish oil, robin williams and sales agents

Enough with the details of me waking up in the morning. Let’s just go directly to the highlights of this day. First off is that i have fully realized that fish oil can really make your stomach upset. It can give you frequent bowel movements daily. So i decided to quit taking it. Well it definitely made me look stupid quitting it after using it for already more than 6 months. The reason for the decision to quit fish oil only now because i am strongly hoping that the side effects will eventually go away. But its not the case so there. Goodbye fish oil! But i might still try to use fish oils of other brands. Maybe i can find one that will not give me those side effects. The next highlight is the Robbin William’s death. I just heard it from the tv news when i was reviewing. I remember the time when we first watched the Mrs. Daughtfire. It really made us laugh so hard. I was supposed to be sad when i heard the news but when the tv reporter said that the cause of his death is suicide ( i didnt realy heard it well if its suicide. I also heard ‘intoxification’ from the news so i cnt realy tell), my supposed sadness stopped. Everytime i heard someone died bec of suicide or drug abuse, i always think they dont deserve to be grieved by people. They ruined themselves and for me its not something to be pitied or cried upon. Well thats just me. The next highlight is when my dad told me that his coworker sugested that i and my brother might apply for one of their clients as sales agents. It made me think of the comisions i will get if i will be able to sell their products. And it made remember the one extra task im doing in my work which is to get the cafeterias menu for the day and get the orders of my coworkers. I enjoy doing that. Sometimes when almost everyone ordered, i felt happy and satisfied. Maybe i should really try to become a sales agent. I remember reading the brief profile of my acounting profesor in the school newspaper. It stated there that before she took and passed the cpa exam, she first became a sales agent. She said the job makes her happy.


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